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luni, 22 decembrie 2008

Blog-ul, o viata, o pasiune?

Nu stiu ce mi-a venit, dar am apasat pe "urmatorul blog", sus, pe pagina principala. Si asa am ajuns pe blog-urile unor persoane din toate colturile pamantului: China, Argentina, Italia, Mexic, Statele Unite, Germania, Marea Britanie si lista poate continua la nesfarsit. Pot citi si intelege destul de bine in italiana sau spaniola, dar imi necesita foarte multa atentie, pe care, in momentul de fata nu o am disponibila. Asa ca m-am oprit la blog-uri in limba engleza. Am gasit 2 post-uri interesante, pe care vreau sa le impartasesc cu voi.

Primul, al unei doamne cu 2 copii mari, adolescenti, cu frica lui Dumnezeu, evlavioasa, care si-a deschis sufletul cu restul lumii cititoare de limba engleza:

"Favorite Gift Ever Received - The gift of sacrifice! In October 1989, I lost my husband, my children's father, in a plane crash. It was such a sad time and I just dreaded Christmas. But, I had 2 small children who didn't quite understand what was going on. I didn't want to celebrate anything! Thanksgiving weekend of that year we visited with my husband's family in East Texas. While we were away friends "broke into" our home and decorated for Christmas, they decorated inside and out. The most spectacular thing was the Christmas tree which was covered with tiny frames which held pictures of my little family...candid shots of the kids with their daddy, pictures from our wedding and other celebrations. When we arrived home I was just absolutely overcome with emotion. The kids thought that something magical had happened! They didn't understand what a powerful display of love it was. Our friends had sacrificed their plans over the Thanksgiving holidays to make sure that my little wounded family would have a special Christmas memory. (As often as I tried to thank them for this wonderful gift no one would take credit for it.)"

Adresa este http://knittinkudzu.blogspot.com/

Al doilea blog, al unui domn ce pare trecut de 40 ani, http://ollyknowles.blogspot.com/

De la el am aflat ceva ce nu stiam, si anume:
"From today's Times "When Big Ben strikes midnight on New Year's Eve, revellers in Trafalgar Square will notice nothing unusual. Keen-eared listeners to the speaking clock, however, will hear an extra pip — the sign of a rare “leap second”.

The last minute of 2008 will have 61 seconds to correct a slight anomaly between atomic clocks and astronomical time based on the Earth's rotation, so that the proper new year's countdown will end: “three, two, one, one.”

Roll on 2009...felice anno nuovo."

Am vazut ca oamenii sunt preocupati de o gramada de lucruri la care eu nici nu m-am gandit ca ar putea fi hobby-uri, ca de exemplu studierea rocilor din New England si catalogarea lor. Altii au blog-uri despre pictura murala, cluburi si baruri, saloane de tatuaje, traditii populare in Argentina si festivaluri de gen, concursuri de biciclete sau barci cu motor. Nu mai vorbesc de fotografie, muzica sau carti.


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